Are you thinking about buying a Nissan LEAF, but still not sure an electric car is the right choice for you? Here you can find answers to frequently-asked questions, talk to LEAF owners, read testimonials and see videos explaining the benefits of driving electric.



At Nissan, we believe the LEAF, the world's best-selling electric car, is the world's best electric car. But you don't have to take our word for it. Ask real owners about what it's like to own a LEAF, and benefit from their experiences.

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Nissan LEAF owners reveal what it's like to own and drive Nissan's innovative electric car in the real world.

7:49 Living with the LEAF
Life with the Nissan LEAF by Dawn Brown
2:34 Nissan LEAF Testimonial Video
Robert Llewellyn gets enthusiastic about LEAF
1:57 LEAF tour on the road interview

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What are the benefits of electric vehicles?

There are many benefits to owning an electric vehicle:


  • The Nissan LEAF’s running costs are significantly lower than its petrol or diesel counterparts – it costs from £2,03 for up to 110 miles of driving (by charging at night on British Gas' Economy 7 tariff' + 1 hour at the standard rate using a home charging unit).
  • Electric vehicle drivers are also exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), Company Car Tax and the London Congestion Charge.


  • Electric vehicles can be charged at home overnight using a Nissan-approved home charging unit, thereby removing the need to visit a filling station.


  • Electric vehicles have no tailpipe emissions, making them the most environmentally-friendly vehicles on the road.


  • Without any engine noise, EV drivers can drive in a near-silent cabin.
  • The Nissan LEAF has instant torque and superior handling, due to its low centre of gravity.


  • British Gas is offering electric-vehicle users nationwide the option of having a safer charging point installed at home for free. It could charge your LEAF up to a third more quickly than a standard domestic 3-pin socket.

What are low emission vehicles?

Low-emission vehicles, such as electric vehicles (EVs), are vehicles which produce reduced or zero emissions of CO₂ and other gases. Electric vehicles such as the Nissan LEAF produce 0g/km of CO₂ and emit no particles, because they are powered solely by a battery.

At Nissan, we believe in the potential for low-emission vehicles. We are working with  local and national governments and other sectors to help develop the necessary infrastructure to make low-emission mobility a reality. 

Are electric vehicles the same as hybrid vehicles?

Electric vehicles are often confused with hybrid vehicles, which run on a combination of an internal combustion engine and electric motor.

By contrast, electric vehicles such as the Nissan LEAF are solely powered by an electric motor –  and therefore require no fuel and have zero emissions whilst driving.

How does an electric vehicle compare with a conventional vehicle?

Electric and conventional vehicles are largely similar. Aside from the obvious difference in propulsion, the major differences are the fuelling and maintenance requirements of an electric vehicle.

Rather than filling up at a petrol station, it is expected that the majority of electric vehicle charging will take place at home overnight. Also, electric vehicles have far fewer moving parts compared to a car with an internal-combustion engine, which reduces the likelihood of unscheduled maintenance.

Nissan Leaf electric vehicle


What are electric vehicles like to drive?

Driving an electric vehicle is most similar to driving an automatic vehicle – but one with rapid acceleration.The LEAF is is exceptionally quiet inside and has even been compared in this respect to a Rolls Royce*.(*Autocar, January 1st 2012)

The best way to find out is to drive one yourself!

Living with the leaf
Living with the LEAF

How do I go about test driving a Nissan LEAF?

It's easy. Just go to the following link to schedule a LEAF test drive at a time that suits you.

Out of interest, does using things like the heater reduce the range of the vehicle?

Running the heater or A/C will have an impact on how far you can drive. But what's really clever is that you can pre-heat or pre-cool your LEAF while it is charging, before you drive off. If you are plugged into your home charging unit or a public charging point, this means the power will come directly from the mains not your lithium-ion battery and will therefore not be detrimental to your range.

What charging infrastructure is in my area?

To find out which publicly-available charge points are near you, click here to view a map highlighting your nearest charging station.

Nissan Leaf electric vehicle

Is the Nissan LEAF front-wheel-drive, rear-drive or all-wheel-drive?

The Nissan LEAF is front-wheel-drive. Nice and simple!

So if the motor isn't getting hot, what generates cabin heat?

The Nissan LEAF uses an enclosed electric heater to keep you nice and warm.


How do you charge the New Nissan LEAF?

The New Nissan LEAF can be charged at home or at any publicly-accessible charging station. You simply plug your vehicle into the charge point using the cable provided with the vehicle, or the tethered cable attached to the home charging unit.

The recommended method of charging at home is to install a Nissan-approved home charging unit (HCU). Whilst on the road  there is a growing number of publicly-accessible charge points across the UK.Your Nissan EV dealer will be able to assist you in arranging a home inspection and installation of your HCU by British Gas.

Nissan Leaf : charging points for electric cars

What happens if I run out of power when I'm out driving?

Don't worry. Nissan’s roadside assistance service is there for you as part of your warranty coverage.

However, the advanced  NissanConnect EV telematics system in the LEAF will constantly update you to show both the vehicle and battery status, as well as where charging points are along your route to help avoid this happening.

Does the Nissan LEAF use regenerative braking to help recharge the battery?

Yes, it does. Every time you coast or apply the brakes, the electric motor acts as a generator so the engine automatically recovers some of this wasted energy and returns it to the battery.


Does the Nissan LEAF have cruise control?

Cruise control is standard on LEAF Acenta and Tekna models.

Nissan Leaf electric vehicle

How much does it cost to run an electric car?

An electric vehicle will cost approximately 2-4 pence per mile - equivalent petrol and diesel cars can cost up to 10 times that.Not only that, drivers of an electric vehicle are also exempt from vehicle excise duty (VED), company car tax and the London Congestion Charge. Discounted or even free parking for electric vehicles is available in some areas. Check your local council for details.

How much incentive will I receive?

Motorists purchasing an electric vehicle can receive a grant of 25% towards the cost, up to a maximum of £5,000.

How is the incentive deducted from the price?

Consumers will pay for the cost of the car, minus the incentive – similar to the way in which the scrappage scheme worked. Dealerships will deduct the 25% (up to £5,000) at the point of sale, which will be reclaimed from the government via the vehicle manufacturer. There is nothing that the consumer needs to do.